Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sungai Lembing, Pahang @ Rainbow Waterfall

As an extremely emo and low confident person.. my days are usually BLUEEE
and extremely BLUE and towards grey on Tuesday. Why ?
Because i practices LAG mood
Monday not too blue as i usually not to "wake" from the weekends , and Tuesday usually extremely emo as the weekend is kind of far

lately too many things happen and i guess i talk lesser . which is something good i guess
like not being so childish and reveal too much of yourself


went Sungai Lembing ( Wiki ) someday ago and it was actually better than what i could imagine.. LOLL

kononNYA the rainbow waterfall!!

lesson learnt (my regrets) :

  1. buy a water resistant cover for phone.. else u will regret mad when people actually took beautiful pictures and u have nth :( let me know where to buy too . i also wanna act extremely cool and pretty with the HALO :)
  2. wear a cap while taking picture in the waterfall (u might think this is stupid but ... it really helps) else ur pictures will be as fail as mine.. WET and MESSY hair ... 
  3. find a good photographer.. (bring him raincoat too, ya its a HIM unfortunately as a HER wont so kind to help u take pictures ) 
Thanks to my mum's advice , i wore the right attire..
  1. simple & easy : you have to walk cross the river (if u are lucky , the water level is moderate) . i wore shorts , and my crocs . :) never ever wore a flipflop, u might have hard time struggling in saving your lovely flipflop
  2. dont wear over fancy . 

i shall change!! stop my over procrastinating, and lagging mood ! .. tomorrow is a public holiday!!! YEA YEA YEA

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