Thursday, January 01, 2015

HELLO 2015

Overly inspired by the idea of having a bottle of "sky juice" , i bought bottle from IKEA and i thought its cool

and i broke it .. and i try to save it.. This is what happen == 

Interesting conversation with the doctor & nurse ...

Doctor A : What happen ? Do u think its worth to hurt ur hand in this way? Thats a good way to celebrate new year , please do come again on 2/1 :)

Doctor B : AIYOOOO ... 3 stitches needed .. RM200 medical bill vs RM5 Ikea bottle .. hmmm

Nurse A : The bottle antique? From your ancestor? Your BF give u? U banyak LOVE that bottle? no ? Then WHY ...

by the way , HAPPY 2015!

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