Saturday, January 31, 2015

Koh Lipe - Snorkeling Trip

Some say Koh Lipe is even more beautiful under the water than above. You can find out for yourself and snorkel right off all the beaches, or take a snorkel or dive trip to one of the many surrounding islands and dive sites (Thaibeach )

We went snorkeling trip . ONLY 550 THB include a lunch at a nice island , the best part is we get our own boat ! We went Koh Jabang , Koh Hin Ngam , Koh Rawi , and Koh Adang,

Koh Hin Ngam
Visit this mysterious island build out of thousands of smoothly polished black rocks.

The Curse of the God of Tarutao
Those who take these stones from the island are cursed to face the following disasters.
1 Fatal accidents
2 Being overthrown from the present position
3 family life shattered
4 loss of poverty & fortune
5 loss of life

Koh Rawi
Picnic on a long white sandy beaches of Koh Rawi and relax or snorkel some more.

Koh Adang
In the past, it's the home of pirates who robbed the ships , The beach is beautiful with white sand. There're coral reef surrounded that's good place for scuba diving.

It's really a nice island !

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